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Of Elvira Serra

A doc with the final will of the actress who died on the age of 95: belongings divided equally between son Andrea Milko Skofic and executor. Etruscan vessels meant for the state

Half of the inheritance to the son and half to the god Desona, the helper made, who has supported her from his household for the previous twelve years, who has lived at house together with her for eight years within the village.Historic Appia in Romethose that accompanied her to the establishments that organized birthdays, holidays, gatherings with pals, the identical one that at the moment is incompetent to seem in courtroom. Andreas Milko Skofic e Andreas Piazzolla
the only heirs equal shares of the inheritance Gina Lollobrigida, the diva who handed away on January 16 on the age of 95. The desire was opened on Monday night and the contents had been revealed yesterday the thirteenth by a reporter Barbara Franceschiniwho shared the desires of the actress and the ambassadors.


The desire was executed on January 5, 2017 in Rome within the presence of two witnesses. The lawyer of Monegasque is the executor of the need Bernard Bensawho has been given the duty of paying off his items and distributing them amongst his heirs, in line with the quotas established by the statute. Francisca Romana Lupoithe authorized adviser with whom the Bersagliera Belief in 2018 Gina Lollobrigida had confirmed the item of one other will expressed within the will for artistic endeavors: work, images and sculptures created by the actress throughout her lengthy life. These items, which can’t be offered, are left to Piazzolla and the entrepreneur Horatio PaganiAn in depth buddy of the protagonist Bread, love and fantasywith rising constraints on the planet, by means of the group of exhibitions in the principle museums.

Textual content

Gina Lollobrigida writes: Learn Horatio Pagani and Andrea Piazzolla’s artistic endeavors I’ve been entrusted with the accountability of notifying and increasing my inventive exercise, the promotion and group of exhibitions wherein this work is carried out. must be introduced in probably the most stunning souvenirs on the planet
o*. I do not need to promote these works, however I expressly allow licensees to repeat the identical works briefly or completely in bodily or digital media. It additionally commits each to the unique movie a documentary on the lifetime of Fidel Castroit was granted to them to evangelise. Whereas this was becoming a member of the Italian state, the Etruscan vessels which the Maximus prince had given him: 100.

Listening to of the trial

It’s futile to ask his son Milko Skofic or his lawyer for touch upon the contents of the need. Michael Gentiloni Silveriwho ultimately presents himself to talk solely of the judgments wherein Piazzolla is accused of being an incompetent particular person: for the accusation referred to as Piazzolla slowly robbed Bersagliera of products, buildings and cash. The listening to is scheduled at the moment in Rome, the place Gina Lollobrigida is to be heard. However the advocate is completed; Philip MorlacchiniIt doesn’t look like the worst: the continuing trial and the elemental proven fact that the reality was reintegrated within the final listening to, with Andrea Piazzolla, a heart specialist named Gina and her lawyer as witnesses: then I described her as brilliant and diamond.


Francisca Romana Lupoinevertheless, whatever the final result of the trial, Piazzolla won’t be able to lose the flexibility to inherit. As for the pagans, whom she had identified for years, she describes the actress’ most fascinating man: Throughout her final hospitalization for an operation on her thigh, on September 15, she was fully out there. As for hopeHe explains that judicial actions have reached their full perfection: we solely want to determine one work inside. Then got here the appointment of the help administrator, which Gina couldn’t select, and the whole lot was jammed. For him I’ve already made three discoveries of his full works: portraits, work, and sculptures.

Need is an artist

Gina was all the time celebrated as an actress, however she felt that she was an artist: she was happy with her works as a sculptor and sometimes stated that she wished the remainder of the world may know them, says Gina Lollobrigida, a lawyer; Philippus Maria Meschini. To start with, I used to be blissful to see that his will was written down in his will and I hope that will probably be fulfilled as a result of I can testify that he’s devoted to the sense of his artwork. It’s not identified what the following step is. Whether or not his son Milko will argue concerning the will or another person (was current on the funeral of the actress within the first line. javier rigau, the Catalan entrepreneur who had married Gina Lollobrigida by means of a proxy in 2011: that marriage was annulled by the Sacred Rota in 2019). The desire was given on January 5, 2017. Andreas Piazzolla was delivered to the trial of an incompetent particular person by his son Bersagliera and his grandson on March 10.

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