High 20+ of the most important trolls within the French language, they’re laughing at us

Some time in the past, Twog had us uncover a public utility thread. On this thread, @AmeEnSoie says out loud what everybody else thinks quietly (or at the least till the tip) concerning the French language which is, by the best way, stunning crap. Whoever created this language was most likely so drunk that there’s nothing logical about our grammar. We might somewhat warn you earlier than you soar in your excessive horse (or different mounts of your selection) – this thread is stuffed with dangerous religion, and we adore it for that.

1. Decide after some time

2. I’ve livers

3. We get bullied after some time.

4. They won’t go the S

5. It is Truthful

6. Circumflex not very versatile

7. Give me a bag to place your head in

8. Yours is the lottery

9. MDR facet for enjoyable

10. Please do not drink a worm

11. Most pipometer

12. Hauskour

13. However go conceal


15. Hey, however the French language, it’s best to arise.

16. We’re made just like the waves

17. Thanks however no thanks

18. Breathe

19. Put him in jail

20. My mind is fucked

21. And it does not work with “shrimp” both.

22. Personally, I ended at 4

23. Go have a Doliprane

24. I convert to chicory will probably be simpler

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