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The exhibition of the Ligabue basis proposed on January 28 on the Palazzo Loredan within the historic journey that goes from Leonardo to Francis Bacon, opens his legacy within the twentieth century.

“When the priest was going by way of his parish on the holy Sabbath, giving, as is customary, blessed water to the homes, he occurred to be within the painter’s room, the place, having sprinkled the water over a few of his work, the painter recoiled a bit. After inspecting him, he mentioned, “Why did I make such a sprinkling in his work?” It’s not fairly clear whether or not Leonardo Vinci spoke of himself, in his “Joke”, relating how offended the proprietor, the sufferer of an intrusion, was with the overbearing cleric who had scattered the sprinkler right here and there with out regard. Actually a deadly 45mm by 65mm portrait; a lot smaller than the present schedule, it’s thought-about by the artwork historian Pietro Marani, one of many main students of this topic, to be “one of many few authentic works by Leonardo that may really be outlined as ‘Mime'”. Beginning with the top of the determine, the hair and haircut, after which the hooked nostril, the receding chin and the half-open mouth, the options of the face, with a number of fast strokes of the pen and ink, the looks, nearly the looks. fowl of prey ..

Exhilarated by a small prize
. However it’s sufficient with different “loaded photographs”, as they have been referred to as on the time, to make a Tuscan physicist, thinker, architect, painter, sculptor, geometer, treatise author, designer, anatomist, botanist, musician, engineer and designer (Wikipedia sums up) even the inventor of Mimes , as now we have identified it for a number of centuries now. The artwork, which remains to be worn in the present day in sure days, makes us smile.

Oh my God, there have by no means been undefeated Leonard Mimes in historical past. The oldest, historically, satirical-Erotic papyrus figures are preserved within the Egyptian Museum of Turin.. Such because the Kama Sutra from the 14th century BC, with all of the sorts of sexual transition. No porn please. Totally different instances, completely different cultures. Certainly, the distinction between the varied members within the skis is mentioned: whereas the younger girls (in all probability the singers explicating the director of the museum) are all younger and exquisite, the boys, quite the opposite, are ugly, crooked, inexperienced, bald, baldness, and so on. disproportionately super-gifted to be grotesque.

Different historical mimes of Rome in the home of Aurea, in Pompeii within the baths of the home of Menander, in Avenion within the bronze statue of the focaccia vendor with the ugly figures of Caligula, and so forth. As Quintilian says, despite Greek tradition, which claimed the primogeniture of virtually everybody, “Saturation is certainly all ours”: satire is actually ours. To not point out, in future ages, the gargoyles of the center (ends of the channels) with monstrous “faces”. Or theses illustrated within the From Human Physiognomy and Giovanni Battista Della Porta, to whom males resembled lengthy and lengthy beaks of sheep he should actually have the soul of a sheep and so others the soul of a lion, a monkey or a robin and so forth of others… With out forgetting. Ardour of Christ the place Hieronymus Bosch, with distorted oracles, teething mouth, maddened eyes: the deformity of the physique joined to the wickedness, dragged the besiegers of Jesus. An historical opinion which prompted the Helvetian thinker John Caspar Lavater, barely anticipating Cesare Lombroso, to exclaim: “What number of crimes could possibly be prevented, if males may solely learn the vice within the face!” Hazard drifts…

Returning to Mimicry as it’s correctly mentioned, that’s, the flexibility to learn faces and acquire an excellent picture of an individual with a number of “correct” strokes, that’s nothing however a minor talent. Inferior or secondary. The exhibition proves it Of prodigies and Mimes. Leonardo da Vinci to Baconopen tomorrow on the Palazzo Loredan-Veneto Institute of Sciences, Literature and the humanities, promoted by the Giancarlo Ligabue Basis and named after the well-known Venetian entrepreneur cooks who, after graduating in palaeontology from the Sorbonne, some Indiana Joneses (together with daring ones) have been financed by a whole lot of excavations and scientific expeditions all around the world with the Nationwide Geographic.

What are the pitfalls of expeditions just like the seek for the military of Cambyses that disappeared within the Sahara? They’ve one thing that belongs to the matter, Inti son replies to him who’s the president of the muse: “Man is at all times on the middle of our affairs.” Curiosity, a thirst for information, a love of tradition and artwork, a want to know and be identified. It was sufficient, one of many eighteen insufferable gamers belongs to the “Ligabue”. Leonardi’s “statues” have been exhibited in Venice, id A grotesque head of a girl on the quilt of the Marsilius catalog edited by Pietro Marani with additions by Rosalba Antonelli, Paolo Cordera, Laura Corti, Enrico Lucensis and Calvino Victor.

Objectively? Reconstruct, with references to “naturalism, physiognomy, mock portraits, exaggeration of traces, information and the “classification” of human sorts within the drawing of Leonardo and the good artists LombardsHowever the Emilians and the Venetians, and all of the Venetians who ventured on this means, took a special route from the standard one. “Positioned within the “ridiculous heads” and “Mimors” in northern Italy.

The route of the specials is no surprise. Like the invention within the eighteenth century of Antonio Maria Zanetti described by the biographer, by Alessandro Bettagno, as populated by “abbots, monks, painter associates (…), ministers, nurses and gastaldos, and theater individuals corresponding to singers, dancers; actors, musicians, instigators, librarians, authors and all who’ve gravitated and lived within the bombshell melodrama.. Or the opposite face of Giovan Baptista Tiepolo, maybe an important Venetian painter of the eighteenth centurywriter of works corresponding to Martyrdom of St. Bartholomew but in addition scrumptious Pulcinella arm in arm with the woman led (because it appears) by Giandomenico’s son, or derisor Mimic brother with glasses and key in hand. I don’t forget Agostino Carracci and his brother Annibale, whose Laughing head of the youth. Selection Two heads of mockery by Charles Lasinius, outdated and ugly husbands and wives, who have a look at one another, with out a lot curiosity, regardless of the goodwill of exchanging rhymes.

And Hacon? What was the Irish painter Francis Bacon doing, who mentioned he wished to render “the wildness of issues”? “Flee,” replied Ligabue; “We wished to shut with an emblematic and extraordinary relation to up to date artwork as an illustration the custom has not been interrupted, to render the physiognomy, the exasperation of the characters, ugly in figurative artwork, much more so in a time of existential disaster and psychological fragility, such because the twentieth century. The Three research for the portrait of Isabella Rawsthorne. Arduous Reds. It goes darkish. Who is aware of what Giovan Battista della Porta will say about her.

exhibition and catalogue

exhibition.Of prodigies and Mimes. Leonardo da Vinci to Bacon“, by the Giancarlo Ligabue Basis, opens in Venice on January 28, at Palazzo Loredan-Veneto the Institute of Sciences, Letters and Arts, whose exhibition Catalog printed by Marsilio di Venezia by Pietro Marani in the home of Peter Marani and incorporates some further artwork historical past students: Rosalba Antonelli
Paolo Cordera, Laura Corti, Enrico Lucensi and Calvino Victor.

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